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Pay in installments with KLARNA

By Joseph Maine

How to Layer Your Hair Products

How to Layer Your Hair Products!

Want to get your hair to look its best? All you need is some good products, and the correct order of application! Much like skincare, hair products are best utilized when applied in a certain order. Yet, so many people are left in the dark about the products we should be using after we wash and condition our hair. Here’s how to layer your hair products the right way in 5 simple steps. 


1. Start with serums, oils, or leave-in conditioners

With this first layer, the products you use should be the closest to your clean and conditioned hair to add a little something extra in the way of reparative measures. Color Wow Carb Leave-In Treatment is a great example of intensive oat bran to the rescue to improve the quality of your hair. Since it’s activated by heat, it takes blow-drying to a new level for creating thicker hair. 


2. Add some volume next

Mousse, thickeners, and root lifters should be added after your extra reparative products. You can get the full, big, and bouncy hair of your dreams with Color Wow Raise The Root. This one acts like a spring at the root of your hair, creating instant lift and volume that lasts. It’s not stiff or sticky either, creating a touchable and soft style you’ll adore.


3. Protect your tresses

No matter how many fantastically nourishing products you use on your hair, you’ll destroy its integrity if you don’t protect it from the heat. When using hot tools or blow drying your hair, you need to add a thermal protectant to seal your hair and protect each strand from damage. Color Wow Dream Coat helps fight the frizz all the while providing that protection your hair needs. Color Wow Pop & Lock also serves as a thermal protectant that loads hair with nourishing humectants to transform texture with smoothness and shine. Color Wow Style On Steroids is a great choice for glamorous looks or reviving a style on the second day. It texturizes and protects all in one. 


4. Add heavier styling products

When you have a non-aerosol spray, creams, or waxes, these will go toward the end of your styling session. Since these will be the heaviest of the products, they should go on last. Add all the extra volume and texture in this step. 


5. Finish it off with a great hold

Now that you’ve done all that hard work to make your hair look beautiful, lock it in place. You’ll use those strong hold sprays and powders at the very end of your styling. Color Wow Cult Favorite has the distinction of being free from the ingredients that other hairsprays have that darken your color or makes blondes look yellow. It won’t create a crispy or rigid feel, just a strong and long-lasting hold that strengthens hair along with powerful UV protection. 


Now that you know what to use and when to use it, your style is sure to be the pinnacle of perfection!