Pay in installments with KLARNA


Pay in installments with KLARNA

By Joseph Maine

12 Looks You Need to Try Now


Space buns are here to stay and this style screams slay. Looks tricky but its just your everyday French braids but UPSIDE DOWN. You may need a girlfriend to help you with this one. Flip your head over, split the hair into two sides and French braid towards the top of your hair. Once your hair is braided through the length, wrap and pin into two little buns! Pro tip: use a little Color Wow Pop and Lock to smooth fly aways and make sectioning easier as your braid.  

This one is for our curly hair girls. Everyone wants that bouncy texture so show it off even when youre giving your hair a break. A simple top knot is simply elevated with a few tendrals hanging out. If you have naturally straight hair but want to fake this texture, use a tiny hair wand (around 8mm) and wrap your fringe around it into pretty coils. 

 If you love the idea of braids but cant seem to do them, this is for you! Take square sections along your part and rubber band them. Be sure to add in the hair from the previous section as you move down. Once complete, give each section a tug on each side to create this full bubble effect. 

 So. Many. Girls. have curly hair in the back and straight in the front. It’s a bummer, we know. But play it up! Tie that hair around your face up into a top knot and accessorize it with your favorite scarf. Let those curls shiiiiine. If your hair is pin straight, we got you. Use Babe Waves to create those natural looking waves at home. It’ll be our little secret!    


Listen up, we all know how to do a bun. Its quick, its easy, and it gets the job done but you’re not fooling anyone with your lazy ways. A sure way to be the style queen you are is to split that bun into two! Style them low so you can see them from the front. Add a wave to your fringe by wrapping the hair around a wand for that photo ready finish.


Smooth and straight will always be in style but a few details can really elevate this mood. Firstly, make sure the part is perfection. Use a rat tail comb to make a very clean part which also promotes facial symmetry. Always use Color Wow Dream Coat to ensure your sleek style shines and lasts through the most humid days. Finally, finish off the look with statement accessories like this bold clips that come in every color!

 Pull through pig tails might be the easiest way to fool anyone into thinking you are a true hairstylist. They look super profesh but they are as easy as making a pony tail. All you do is gather sections in a row into little pony tails. Take the first section, split it into two, one on either side of the next section and rubber band it below the second pony. Pull each side out for extra fullness and keep moving down the length! You’ll be blown away with the results even on the most fine hair textures.

Business in the front, partyyyy in the back. We live for a little over the shoulder surprise. This is so easy it’s a sin. Think low pony and then draw a design with a glittler gel pin. I know what you’re thinking, “That is probably so hard to get out and gets everywhere.” Nope! Happy to report I played a few matches of tennis in a glitter braid and the gel kept the glitter right in place. It comes out easily with normal shampoo. We are obsessed with EXTRAAA Hair Glitter.   

Bohemian realness. This look makes me feel like im walking the streets of Italy. Use a scarf as one of the three sections in a low braid to incorporate this pop of color. Wrap the braid into itself at the nape of your neck to complete this perfectly unperfect updo!


 If theres one skill most of us mastered in junior high, it was a braid! Try adding a pop of color by weaving in a string or ribbon into two of the three sections of the braid. Just put the middle of the ribbon at the base of the braid before you begin and add each side of the ribbon in with the strands. If achieving this bouncy waves is still tricky for you, SWURL 3 in 1 is your best friend. Swurl will curl your hair without even a twist of the wrist.    

 Sewing not really your thing? Don’t worry, ours neither. This is super simple though! Next time you do your favorite method of braiding, grab some colorful string or ribbon and fish it through and around your braid. Use a large plastic yarn needle from a craft store if possible. 

Braiding can be a challenge but we all know how to tie a rubber band. Create a bubble pony braid style by making tiny pony tails down your hair including the section prior for a braided look. Afterwards pull each section softly apart to create a bubbled effect. For a show stopping look wrap each rubber band in a colorful accessory or piece of jewelry. Similar ones to these pictured can be found at a craft store in the jewelry making area.