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Pay in installments with KLARNA

By Kaitlyn Burrow

Growing Out Your Bangs 101

When it comes to bangs, I’m always asked what to do when you want to grow them out. Bangs are a fantastic style to frame certain facial shapes, and even if they look amazing on you, you may tire of the style and long for something new.

I’ve put together what you need to know for growing out your bangs to make your style shine no matter what!

The Most Important Thing to Remember When Growing Out Bangs

Tempting as it is to just leave them be and let them grow, if you want them to grow out well, they need some trimming and shaping. It’s one of the biggest misconceptions out there to just let them grow without doing anything. Don’t just let your bangs grow out all willy-nilly. Plus, getting rid of split ends will ensure the hair grows healthily as it takes on new lengths.

Trimming your bangs

What to Do About That Awkward In-Between Phase

See your stylist! We can help you by shaping them out. Thinning out the ends a bit or trimming the edges gives a more tapered appearance. And this will really work wonders as those bangs grow out.

Tapered Bangs

Ideal Hairstyles for That In-Between Phase

There are tons of options for bangs, fringe, and face-framing at all lengths. If you have very short, blunt bangs, you will generally have all options as they grow. Once they get in your eyes, you can choose a curtain bang to soften that growth by taking it just a wee-bit shorter in the middle.

When your bangs hit your cheek bone, a side-swept fringe might be best. And when it gets even longer, it can help to add face-framing layers from the lips down to blend them into your cut. You can also use styling tools like a curling iron or a round brush. This will give your growing-out-bangs a bit of bend at the end for a more flattering look. 

Curtain bangs


Tips for Curly-Haired Bang Grow-Out

Curly hair seems to throw people through a loop, but it’s not as daunting as it seems to grow out bangs with curly locks. If you wear your part in the middle, then use the same action plan. Start by taking your bangs a little shorter in the middle while the outer edges grow out. Side part? No problem! Just take the side of the bangs closest to the part a tad shorter to keep it from having a shelf-look as it grows.

Curly Hair with bangs

Recommended Products for Healthy Bangs While Growing Them Out

I’m a huge believer in the Color Wow Cocktails. These leave-in treatments give tons of nutrients to your hair to moisturize and repair. They also help prevent breakage while serving as thermal protectants. What I love most about them for the bang area is that they don’t leave a greasy look like other products. 

Color Wow Dream Cocktails

A Word on Accessories for Keeping Bangs Out of Your Face

I genuinely think headbands are the best option, especially if they have some width to them. They will cover the ends of the bangs and keep them from roaming into your line of vision. Clips tend to give you away as they look like you’re trying to hide your bangs. 

For something a little more trendy, grab little rubber bands or butterfly clips and revert back to those adorable 90s styles with the top pulled back. The trends from that era are coming back full force and will add more style to your look. Whatever you do though, avoid snap clips and bobby pins, both a huge NO from me. 


Last Tidbit: Keeping Strands Healthy During Grow-Out Phase

As I mentioned earlier on, regular trims are incredibly important for growing out your bangs in a healthy way. Do not use a straightener on them though, and when styling, always use thermal protectants and leave-in treatments to ensure that hair grows in healthy as it reaches new lengths.