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Pay in installments with KLARNA

By Jack McWilliams

Waver Showdown: Babe Waves X vs. Babe Waves Jumbo

When it comes to achieving flawless hairstyles, the right hair tool can make all the difference. Today, we're pitting two remarkable contenders against each other –  Babe Waves X and  Babe Waves Jumbo. Both tools promise salon-worthy results with their 1.25 inch barrels, but which one will come out on top? Let's dive into the comparison to find out.

Design and Compatibility:

Babe Waves X: Designed with precision, Babe Waves X is amazing for all lengths, including those with shorter lengths, resistant hair types and those seeking a more compact tool. It’s enclosed thermal casing prioritizes safety in your styling journey. The flat iron-like open/close method provides ease of use, allowing you to style your hair with confidence or add additional pressure for resistant textures. With its ionic technology, this waver reduces frizz and enhances shine. It also offers four preset heat settings, ranging from 320°F to 430°F, catering to different hair types. For added convenience, it can be locked closed for easy storage.

Babe Waves Jumbo: For those with longer locks or seeking a more cost effective option, the classic Babe Waves Jumbo Triple Barrel Iron proves to be a game-changer, priced at only $59. Its triple barrel design not only speeds up the styling process but also makes it incredibly efficient for longer hair. The thumb lever opening and closing method adds to its user-friendly nature. This iron offers an adjustable full range of heat settings of up to 450°F, allowing you to customize the temperature to suit your hair's needs. Plus, the inclusion of a countertop stand ensures you can keep your styling area safe and organized


Performance and Styling:

Babe Waves X: With its double barrel design, this tool excels in creating natural-looking waves, making it ideal for those who are always on the go and prefer a more compact tool. The ion production from Babe Waves X contributes to smoother and shinier results. The four preset heat settings let you find the perfect temperature for your hair type, all while ensuring safety with its enclosed thermal casing.

Babe Waves Jumbo: The standout feature of the Babe Waves Jumbo is its third barrel, which significantly reduces styling time – a real boon for longer hair. The customizable heat settings provide versatility, allowing you to switch up your look effortlessly. The thumb lever open/close method simplifies operation but wont allow you to add additional pressure, and the included countertop stand keeps your space safe from the heat.


In the battle of the hair tools, both Babe Waves X and the Babe Waves Jumbo bring their A-game to the table as well as very similar wave patterns. Babe Waves X is a fantastic choice for those with shorter hair, offering safety, convenience, and ionic technology. On the other hand, Babe Waves Jumbo shines when it comes to efficiently styling longer hair with its triple barrel design and fully adjustable heat settings.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your hair length and styling preferences. Whether you opt for Babe Waves X ($89) or Babe Waves Jumbo ($59), you're sure to elevate your hair styling game and achieve the beach waves you've been dreaming of. Happy styling! 🌟