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Shampoo: The good, the bad, and the ugly

How to Stop Shampooing the Wrong Way and Restore Hair Health

You might not shampoo your hair every day, but when you wash it, it serves a purpose for cleaning your scalp and hair. Depending on which shampoo you use though, you could be buying into false promises for better hair.

 Some claim they can defrizz while others say they can make your tresses thicker or make them more hydrated. Most of them have the best intentions for selling you a cleansing product, but in the end, if you want your hair to change for the better, those enhancing ingredients need to cling to your hair.

 That’s when the troubles begin. These added ingredients adhere and therefore don’t come off when you rinse them away. They just pile onto the hair and scalp, blocking it from getting the oxygen it needs to grow naturally and healthfully. You’ll wind up with dull hair and an itchy, flaky scalp.

 But there’s something far worse that comes from shampooing the wrong way with the wrong products…hair loss. If your hair has been thinning, it might not just be about aging. It could be that your shampoo is making it fall out.


Prominent Brands Under Fire for Dangerous Side Effects

One of the most famous lawsuits to take place against hair care products was against Wen Hair Care. The brand was created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean and promoted by an array of A-list celebrities.

 Not long after, complaints began to come in to the FDA and in December of 2015, a class action lawsuit was filed against the hair care brand. Those that filed cited that the Wen sulfate-free products for hair had caused partial or even complete hair loss.

 DevaCurl product creators also found themselves in hot water for hair loss and scalp irritation, among other issues as cited in multiple pending class action lawsuits. For both Wen and DevaCurl, consumers are fuming that these brands were aware of the damage they were causing and did nothing to recall products or warn consumers.


Simplifying with the Right Shampoo for Healthier Hair

The purpose of shampoo is to cleanse away buildup and refresh the scalp. The minute you start adding extras to that process, you’re piling on more adhesives which clog hair follicles. You can fight frizz, get shinier hair, or even thicker hair with conditioners and styling products. Never expect these miracles from your shampoo. It was never intended to do that. Shampoo is supposed to simply clean your hair.

Keep it simple with Color Wow Dream Clean Shampoo. It’s a shampoo that is made for simply cleaning your hair with simplified ingredients. There are no thickeners, silicones, conditioning agents, or any unnecessary ingredients. It all rinses off, leaving you with clean hair that is primed for your following hair care products.

 Once you start using it, you’ll notice how much healthier your hair looks and feels. Without additives to bog it down, hair becomes shinier, thicker, and bouncier more naturally for a look you’ll love.

xx Joseph and Sabrina Maine, The brother/sister duo behind Trademark