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Pay in installments with KLARNA

By Kaitlyn Burrow

Coachella 2022 Hair Trends!

2022 might host the biggest Coachella ever. From the amazing headliners to euphoric makeup, bold hair and fashionable fits there is so much to look forward to this year. Festivals are generally a comfort space for people to experiment with looks – and after three-years of no Coachella, let’s start by guiding you with hairstyle predictions for the festival season.

Hair Tinsel aka “Fairy Hair”

As you scroll through Tik Tok and Instagram you might be wondering why glittery, colorful strings have been gaining so much attention lately. The sudden interest is paying homage to the ‘90s and Y2K hair tinsel trends we all loved as tweens. This can be a creative/fun way to add vibrancy and color to your hair without the use of chemicals and dyes.

Hair tinsel installation can be done both at a salon or DIY! There are two methods for installations: micro bead technique and putting a single strand of tinsel on a single strand of hair. Whether you decide on using hair tinsel for Coachella, there is no denying that this trend is a colorful way to temporarily elevate your hairstyle.

Tinsel hair

Powerful Ponytails

A ponytail braid is a classic festival look, regardless of your hair type. But, let’s amplify a slicked ponytail braid by adding accessories and extensions for floor dropping length. Long, glamorous braids are basically a glam cheat code.

You can step-up your festival pony by adding long-length extensions and accessorizing it with cords, gems, or pearls. One of our favored looks was Megan Fox’s high-slung, rear-skimming braid wrapped in black cords to create a sleek and modern look. 

We recommend creating this look with a slicked back pony and a single braid. The longer your extensions are, the more glamorous the look will be! For a more modern and polished look we recommended using braiding cords to wrap around the finished ponytail. For a softer look, use our Crystal, Star or Pearl twist set to place throughout your braid. 

Megan Fox


90s Knots & Twisty Updos

The names Gwen Stefani and Alicia Silverstone should be popping into your head. The Good Decade will be making a comeback at Coachella!

‘90s hairstyles and fashion has slowly made its way back into relevancy and we are here for it. Creating a funky and knotted updo can add flare to your Coachella look this year. Not to mention, these are the perfect updos to keep hair out of your face while you dance all day and night. 

Forget double-dutch braids, double top knots are a unique and fun way to style your hair for the festival season. You can style your knots directly along the top of your head or directly down the back. The options are really endless with how you choose to place your knots! Take inspiration from looks on Gwen Stefani, the ‘90s icon herself. 

We recommended choosing a hairstyle that best compliments your unique style and personality. So go all out with braids, knots, accessories, and tinsel for Coachella this year! We hope you have a fun and safe festival season this year, tag us with your favorite looks @trademarkbeauty on Instagram. 

This blog post was written by Celine Ortega.

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