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Pay in installments with KLARNA

By Joseph Maine

Blow Dryer vs. Blow Dry Brush: Which is best for you?

With so many options of blow dryers on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you. No worries, you’ve come to the right place. We’re talking all things blow dryers so you can make your most educated purchasing decision. 

Let’s start with the traditional blow dryer and round brush. This duo is a long-time favorite and has treated us well for many years. Let’s start with the pros:


1. Traditional blow dryers typically have higher speed and temperature settings, giving you more options for your blowout results

2. More customizable styles by being able to choose your specific brush to achieve anything from curly to straight styles. The larger the round brush you use, the smoother/straighter your results. For bouncy or curled looks, opt for a smaller round brush. For hair that is curly or textured its best to choose a round brush with dense bristles that offer a lot of tension. Fine or naturally straight hair can achieve great results with a ceramic round brush.

3. You can add a diffuser, which is great for curly or wavy textures!

4. Traditional blow dryers are perfect for all lengths of hair.

5. Quicker for rough drying. Quickly blow through your hair without any precision for a fast and easy drying session.

6. Can concentrate air in a more specific direction for specific styles and looks you are trying to achieve.

Now that we’ve covered the perks of the blow dryer/round brush combo, here are our biggest cons:


1. Often requires two hands when trying to achieve a smooth blowout.

2. Typically heavier than a blow dry brush, which can quickly tire out your arms.

3. Requires skill to style properly. It definitely takes some practice learning how to handle the blow dryer in a way that will give you your desired results

Speedy Blo is our newest innovation designed to reduce dry time up to 30% and save you precious time (and arm fatigue) in the mornings!

Speedy Blo Tutorial: 

Speedy Blo comes with more customizable options for a personalized blowout. It has 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings which allow you to alter, style, and lock in your look. For thicker, coarser hair you’ll want to use a higher temperature and speed, while finer, more damaged hair may want a lower heat/speed setting. Use the cool shot button to seal the cuticle of the hair and get a smooth, shiny finish that stays all day.



If you’re going to go this route we recommend using a high-powered dryer, like Speedy Blo with nearly 2000 watts of power, to minimize the amount of time heat is on your hair. The less time it takes, the less damage caused.

Now that we’ve discussed traditional blow dryers, let’s get into blow dry brushes. It’s no wonder why these innovative hair tools were the best selling hair products of 2019 & 2020. They are sleek, easy to use, and perfect for beginners. Let’s dive into what makes them so great: 


  1. Requires little to no previous blow drying skill. It’s straightforward and basically impossible to mess up, giving you a professional-looking blowout with very minimum effort. 
  2. Blow dry brushes are just that, a blow dryer AND brush in one. It only requires one hand and simultaneously dries and smooths the hair. 
  3. Blow dry brushes come with dual bristles, which detangle and smooth the hair in one simple step. 
  4. One-Step blow dryers are typically lightweight and comfortable to hold compared to traditional blow dryers. 

While this sounds pretty hard to pass up, here are some notable cons: 


  1. Blow dry brushes are not ideal for hair shorter than chin length. They are typically oval in shape and work best when the hair can wrap fully around the brush since air flows out of all sides. 
  2. Unlike traditional blow dryers, blow dry brushes come in a single size option which limits your styling options. You are not going to achieve a wide variety of blowouts since the blow dryer size and brush never change. 
  3. As mentioned before, blow dry brushes are not typically as powerful as traditional blow dryers. When the hair is completely wet, a blow dry brush would take longer to get dry than using a more powerful dryer. 

If you haven’t seen it already, Easy Blo is our One-Step Blow Dry Brush designed to make your life easier. It only requires one hand and weighs less than your average blow dryer, so your arms don’t tire out before you want them to. With Easy Blo you can go from this:

Before Easy Blo 

to this: 

 After Easy Blo 

in one easy step! Easy Blo is also equipped with three heat settings for more precise and flexible styling. It’s so easy to use that anyone can achieve a salon-quality blowout right at home. The unique oval brush design features gently curved sides for smoothing the hair, while the round edges create volume at the roots and beautifully curled ends. The brush has tangle-free combination bristles; the nylon pin bristles with comfortable round tips quickly detangle, while the tufted bristles with boar technology gently grip hair to smooth and create shine.

Easy Blo Tutorial:

Easy Blo tutorial

It’s no wonder why this product has gone viral and sold out many times. Whether you are getting ready for work, a night out, or just relaxing at home, Easy Blo requires very little effort or skill to achieve a blowout that catches peoples’ eye. 

Now that we’ve discussed the differences - which one is meant for you? (P.s. You can’t go wrong).