A Triple Barrel Iron is your next hair styling must-have

Just like hair trends, hair technology is constantly evolving! Sometimes, things seem to be moving so fast, it’s hard to keep track, but don’t worry, we are going to put you on to today’s easiest, most convenient styling tool—the triple barrel iron. These days, we are all going for a more, natural “I woke up like this” look, and hair wavers can help you accomplish this look. The triple barrel iron is the hottest hair curler on the market today, and it’s definitely a styling tool you should invest in!

 The reason why triple barrel irons have become so popular is simple; they are a triple threat—easy to use, fast and versatile! A triple barrel iron can help you achieve tons of different curly, wavy styles, with very little hassle. It is much larger than a traditional curling iron, due to the three curling barrels fused together. Due to it’s large size, and “lid” which clamps down on the three barrels, the hair essentially is heated and “waved” into a triple curl! This helps you save time, as you don’t need to wrap each bit of hair around like a typical curling iron, meaning you can have gorgeous beachy curls in no time at all!

 While triple barrel irons are especially good at giving you pretty mermaid waves, you can actually still accomplish lots of other curly styles, from big bouncy glamorous curls to slightly tousled waves with the tool! Many of your favorite beauty and hair bloggers have already copped this styling tool because it is just so convenient! Our Babe Waves triple barrel iron hits all the right marks and we promise it will easily become your next favorite styling tool!